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Hi, Welcome to my website.

I'm still in the site building process, but I'm sure you'll find some interesting things to see. I'm personally not politically involved, and I certainly don't want to be. I say that upfront because it will become obvious that I have a very close relationship with China. I know that that is not everyone's preference, but it's mine. At times I think it's unfortunate that many people don't go beyond local TV and newspapers, which commonly paint a totally inadequate picture. It's actually a wonderful country. I've been there, and I know what it has to offer.

All in all I just like people for what they are. I don't care about race, colour, or nationality. People are just people and that's all that counts in my world. My association with Chinese students has certainly had a great influence on my life and attitude. I work intensively with a lot of them in an attempt to improve their language skills in English and German. They all try very hard, and they learn quickly. Every time we chat I can tell that we are in fact achieving something. I can assure you it's a rewarding experience that I would not want to miss..... My plan is to live in China eventually, and maybe even teach English conversation at a school there, for a few years, providing I can get the necessary documents for more or less permanent residency. I'm certainly ready to retire from my current job, but I'm not ready to just sit back and grow old. Working with the kids is simply something I enjoy and want to continue..

I'm trying to build this site in a way that pleases my students and friend's .Eventually, it will be multi-lingual and there will be music, videos, and possibly some special effects, providing I can make it all work. It will certainly take some time to complete it all. I'm not a professional web expert, but I will try to keep your attention and provide you with some interesting reading material.

Click on the tabs and move through the site. I hope you have some fun, and enjoy what you see. I'm certainly having fun bulding it all.

OK let’s go.

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