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Dante was another Student at The Changchun University. Yunhai introduced me to him almost as soon as we met. The two boys are good friends and shared the dorm room at school along with 4 other students. Dante studied English and I must say he's really good at it. I chat with him quite frequently and notice the improvement every time. He is also very different in nature, to Yunhai. He's more of the down to earth type, Whereas, Yunhai is more the dreamer. I think it's the difference in personality that probably holds them together. I know it will be a lasting friendship. When they graduated this year, they went in almost the same direction to find jobs. In China it's common to move according to the work situation. Dante ended up in Nanjing, which is about a three hour train ride from Yunhai in Shanghai. Of course both came to the Airport in Shanghai to pick me up. The fact that I was actually there, was really overwhelming. For me, as it was for them as well. I knew that we would have a wonderful time together, and that they had both gone out of their way to make all the arrangements. I was whisked into a bus and off we went towards the city. They had me set up for a hotel in the Qibao district, where Yunhai lives. After checking in, they took me on a first sight seeing tour.

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