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I‘ve known Matt since September 2005. He was assigned to our shop as a CP ( Career Practicum) Student. It certainly didn’t take long to find out that this guy was very special. He was well organized, willing, and just jumped in to help wherever he could. We soon became good friends and things have stayed that way. We chat on-line frequently and enjoy doing so. He lives with his parents and two brothers not so far away. Now he’s getting into the higher education stuff and I know he’ll come out on top. The pictures were taken by his Dad, a professional photographer; I’ve included a link at the bottom of the page for those that live in the area and want some good photos taken. These are certainly not the photo’s I wanted on the site, nice for Mom and Dad, but it’s just not Matt. I’m hoping he’ll look at the page and decide to send me the real photos. Hotel orgies during the high school Trips, or just casual with friends. I’ve left enough room to add quite a few. I know he can party, I’ve heard the stories from his high school buddies’ know he hates having his picture taken but, “Matt, Please send me something a bit more colorful to put out here”

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