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Shy? This one is certainly going to be a very tough nut to crack. I'll try to explain. Oh, I had to create a few extra links, there is just too much info to fit on this page. His real name is Qingchen, I met him on a chat site. I was looking around, not thinking I would get anywhere, when a window opened with a simple message, "Hi would you like to chat". I responded and was fascinated by the way it had happened. He was the first Chinese person I had ever spoken with. After a few minutes we exchanged names and addresses and just started to talk. Well, it wasn't quite that easy. I told him my name is Jeff. Like fool I tried to write that in Chinese, Interpreters are great, I thought. No sooner than I sent it, I could see him on video, hands on his belly laughing himself almost sick. Jeff translates to "the devoted housewife". Now I use Jeffe that works fairly well. Over the times we spent on chat we exchanged many photos and really tried to understand each other. At first I was a bit confused; I saw all the pictures and was wondering if I had contacted a young celebrity, a TV star, or what ever. No, that was not the case. After a while I found out that Shy was in actuality a Buddhist monk. He grew up in a temple and had gone through all of the rituals, over time, to put him into the Monk status. I guess the issue at the time, was the fact hat he just wanted to break away, be independent, and not rely on his parents to finance his ambitions. For a young boy, certainly a pretty advantageous undertaking. Well I guess he did well, he established himself in the Buddhist world, and made quite a few religious DVD's. Oh, not as serious as you would think. Buddhism is a definitely not like most of us westerners think. In fact, it hard to say if it's even a religion, per say. I think its more philosophy, Learning to live with nature, and preserving what's important to mankind. For those that have an interest I found a link that explains a lot. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/buddhism Well, that brings me to the next important fact. Shy is an excellent singer and goes out of his way to produce some amazing music. I will include a link to some of his songs. This link will open a new window or tab so that you can start the music of your choice and return to the site to read on. click here to get to the songs. I listen to these songs very often. I love his voice. I was sure it could be a solution for him to make some money, but that seems to be problematic. He thinks he's not good enough. Wow, the so called "STARS" in China, must be very special. Lately Shy has been very scarce, I don't see him so often. He did contact me, not so long ago, and put me in touch with his little brother. The reason was to help in English studies. I really like Peng (YuanPeng), he speaks almost perfect English. Once he sends me a photo or two, I'll create a page just for him and explain what we are getting in to. Back to Shy, His goals now seem to be just being a normal young person, not a monk that has to hold back and stay in the low zone. I'm sure he will achieve his goals and nevertheless not forget what he has learned over the years in the temple. He has a clear mind and is certainly a wonderful person. Despite the fact hat he makes himself pretty scarce I'll always be watchin

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