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Chinese names can be confusing at first, especially if you use a translator. Most names are descriptive. Sea of clouds is a literal translation of the name Yunhai. Kevin is his nickname on the web. His English teacher gave him the nickname during his first year in university. I tend to agree with the teacher. "Kevin Alone", was a fantastic movie series that just seems to fit into Yunhai's personality. I certainly have a special love for this kid. It amazed me right from the beginning that we actually have a lot in common. We have had some remarkable conversations. Yunhai is extremely intelligent, and despite the language problems we started out with, we get along very well. He graduated from the Changchun University this summer. He majored in Japanese. That seemed strange at first, considering that historically the Chinese and Japanese people can't really be considered the best of friends. A little history research and you'll find out that Japan was always seen as the enemy. But I guess the old, and pretty ancient grudges, are no longer a major concern for the youth in China. One day we where talking about music, a very long discussion about styles and feelings. He sent me a song that I liked, and told me it was one of his favorites. I searched the web for a version in English with no luck. You can listen and watch the video version in Chinese at this link: The Moon Represents my heart
Yunhai will be the first friendly face I'll see when I set foot in China. I can't think of a better way to start the adventure. Oh, and just in case your wondering, he does look very young, but he's actually 25. Maybe that's the reason I want to go to China? If they can stay looking so young, maybe I can shake off a few years while I'm there An interesting thought maybe, but highly unlikely. Yunhai's mother is an elementary school teacher in his home town, his Dad and Sister both work in Shanghai in the textile industry. That's also where he is right now. He's living with his sister. From his hometown, that's half way across the country. I was amazed when he told me that his Dad and sister have been working there for years. Commuting nowadays is almost standard, but several thousand miles is a bit much in my opinion.

I must admit, he looks about 14, but in fact he is actually 25 years old. China seems to be a guarantee for erternal youth.


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